Course Update

01 May 2012Back

18th hole 1

We are delighted to announce that we shall have two additional holes available for play on the 2nd May 2012 bringing the 10th back into play and the opening of the finishing hole the 18th  . The back nine holes are now complete and directional signs will be in place to get from the 18th Hole back to the Academy.

The front holes consisting currently of Holes 2,3,4,5,6,7and 8  remain unchanged with the the remaining holes 1 and 9 growing in very well. We hope to have the completed 18 holes for you to play within the coming weeks.  

While we have been charging a 9 hole green fee since we opened the 14 holes, now with the additional two holes we shall now charge a 20% discount on the 18 hole green fee with a regular 9 hole green fee back in  place. 

Under the USGA Handicap guidelines an 18 hole round is considered eligible for entry once a minimum of 13 holes have been played, a 9 hole round is counted after 7 holes have been completed. Any holes missing are to be scored as net pars for the purpose of handicap adjustments. When entering your scores for the existing course please follow this procedure to ensure that your handicap stays updated, the stroke indexes can be found on the newly rated scorecard, a copy of which I will leave beside the handicap terminal.

As part of the process of moving towards 18 holes the golf course has been re rated by the Emirates Golf Federation, this may mean that your course handicaps have changed. Please check the terminal or the handicap list in the clubhouse before you next play.

If you are in any doubt as to how to proceed please feel free to leave your completed scorecards with your name and OGC membership number at Reception and we will enter your scores for you.