22 June 2013Back

GB&I Vs ROWRejuvenating a Captains competition from some time ago, Almouj Golf re-launched the team competition whereby GB&I took on the rest of the world in a President's Cup style event.  The format was singles Matchplay with the team securing the most points gaining bragging rights!

A total of 14 matches were lined up each fighting their own corner to gain a point for their team.  The winning side would need to secure a minimum of 7.5 points across the 14 matches.  It was the rest of the world (ROW) who shot out of the blocks securing 3 points in the first three matches.  Some strong play from Danny Renihan and John Prescott secured the first points for team GB&I as they beat ROW team Captain Tenzin Tsarong and Canadian Kevin D'Amours.  The following 3 matches were split leaving the score being tied at 4-4, leaving things to go either way with just 6 matches remaining.  GB&I and Club Captain William Welsh had a great match with Sarah Morris as they battled to the final hole both conceding their putts to settle for a half. Convincing wins for Catherine Shackleton, David Watson and John Petersen secured the win for the ROW team and the icing on the cake came in the form of two more wins for Steve Monson and Hugo Fonseca to leave a convincing margin between the two sides.  The final score sheet saw ROW win 9.5 to GB&I's 4.5.

Following the heavily competitive golf, cold beverages were served in the Academy Clubhouse allowing the teams to reflect over their matches and missed putts!  William Welsh conducted a short presentation to issue the winning team with a new trophy to the ROW Captain Tenzin Tsarong. This will be the first of many GB&I vs ROW competitions over the years and we look forward to seeing if ROW can retain the trophy!

The full results can be seen below:

No. GB&I   ROW Score
1 Edward Daly vs Fauzi Adnan 1UP
2 Louise Daly vs Nassaradin Mohammed 4 & 2
3 Gerard Flemming vs Ahmed Kamel 5 & 4
4 Danny Renihan vs Tenzin Tsarong 4 & 3
5 John Prescott vs Kevin D'Amours 1UP
6 Shirley Prescott vs Yvonne Welling 6 & 5
7 Keith Harvey vs Milind Nadkarni 4 & 3
8 Andy Basson vs Geetesh Tamse 3 & 2
9 William Welsh vs Sarah Morris A/S
10 Kim Davis vs Catherine Shackleton 7 & 5
11 Mike Reed vs Steve Monson 2 & 1
12 Iain Watters vs Hugo Fonseca 1UP
13 Jon Robinson vs David Watson 6 & 4
14 Allan Broadhead vs John Petersen 3 & 2
  GB&I 4.5 ROW 9.5