How to beat the heat and stay healthy this summer!

With summer now well and truly here in Oman, although midday strolls around the neighborhood may be a thing of the past, there is no excuse to hide away with the amount of activities available across Al Mouj Muscat. With the most awarded leisure facilities and whole host of activities available on your doorstep, it is possible to stay healthy and active during the summer months – you just need to be in the know!

Here is a five-minute guide to Al Mouj Muscat that will keep that summer schedule packed!

Family fun on the golf course– throughout the summer Al Mouj Golf offers great membership deals and savings on lessons. Whether you want to learn how to play from scratch, grab a bucket of balls for the driving range, or bring the family to enjoy footgolf, it is a haven of fun for everyone.

Cool off in the water– Explorers and adventurers can cool off this summer with some of the hottest activities around. Jet-skiing, wake boarding, paddle-boarding and PADI courses are all on offer from Al Mouj Marina. For those looking for a more chilled experience, there is a wide range of marina tours to the nearby Daymanyiat Island Nature Reserve also available.

Look after yourself – From teeth whitening at Dr Sobeh and getting your paws painted at Dashing Nails, to finding your Zen at Nine yoga sessions and sweating it out with a trainer at The Wellness Centre, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself at The Walk and get you feeling great!

Eat well and be well – Take a taste journey aroundthe many food and dining outlets across Al Mouj Muscat and try something new! Overlooking the Al Mouj Marina, check out Mani’s which has imaginative and healthy menu options to eat and be well.  

Learn something new– Have you ever thought about testing out your artistic talents? Why not try Music Palace, for lessons in music, dance or arts and crafts? You can learn as an individual, or if you want company, take friends and family along to learn with you.

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