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Our Club Captain

Hello everyone
My name is John Petersen, and I am proud and privileged to be appointed your Club Captain for the season 2016/17. I have been playing at Al Mouj Golf since it first opened and I can truly say that it is one of the best golf courses that I have had the privilege to play on.

I grew up in the south of the U.K., and at that time, unlike other parts of the U.K., notably Scotland, golf was the sport for the wealthy. There were very few municipal courses available and membership fees were quite prohibitive. Consequently, I didn’t start playing golf until my mid-thirties. Around the late eighties, the golf boom took off in Southern England. Farmers were turning spare land into golf courses all over the place, some successfully and others not so. People were arriving at courses at 4.00 in the morning, just to make sure they could get a tee time on the day. It was also a big time for corporate golf. I used to work in the City of London, and there were many such days which allowed me to experience the likes of Wentworth, Sunningdale, Royal St Georges and The Belfry to name but a few. I was an enthusiastic but not always a successful golfer. I first joined the Royal Automobile Club in 1990, which is no longer involved in motoring services, but has two glorious clubhouses, one in Pall Mall in the centre of London and a country club in Epsom (my home town) which sports two wonderful golf courses. I continued to try and hone my skills, but with limited results. My handicap started at 20 rose to 22 and I finally managed to get below 20. (19 to be accurate.)

Then came a big change. Redundancy from the City meant I had to look for a new path and flying had always been my passion. It was quite a challenge at 45 years old. I spent 6 years instructing and eventually I found a job flying commercially on executive jets. Needless to say, during this period, golf very much took a back seat. I fact, I don’t think I swung a club in anger for some 9 years.

Flying, quite literally, takes you all over the world and opens up opportunities that you may have never considered before. This certainly was the case for me when I happened upon a vacancy in Oman flying an executive jet. And one of the first things included in my research of life in Oman was the opportunities for playing golf. And there it was, a PGA standard golf course, designed by Greg Norman, to open on my doorstep.

I have now been here in Oman for 5 years and spent many a happy hour (or two, or three) at Al Mouj. I have to say that the professional staff have been a great help to me, and it gives me great pleasure now to be able to give back some of that support and friendship to the club that I have enjoyed since I’ve been here.

I hope that I can carry on in the tradition set by my predecessors, although they’re some big shoes to fill. I look forward to my year and would welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have and I will do my best to address them.

Happy golfing to you all!