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As golf is considered a sport you can play for your whole life, which is one of the main reasons I took it up at the age of 60, I have often wondered if even the more sedentary buggy golf can help improve my fitness. 

My research shows it does, which is excellent news considering we have to play in scorching temperatures of 40C° or more, and the buggy is really the only way to travel unless you are a mad all-weather walker like my husband Martin!

Of course, we should all do additional cardio exercise and ensure we have a good warm-up routine to prevent injury, but even buggy golf gives us a reasonable workout through the amount of walking we can do: from buggy to tee, between holes, looking for balls in the rough, climbing in and out of bunkers, and walking around the green. So as often as you can, try to get out of your cart and walk quickly, but make sure it does not affect the pace of play. 

The game also features many athletic moves, for example, when you swing you use many muscles, and even practise some yoga with balancing, and turning and twisting your torso — and don’t forget the mental boost you get when you are breathing good air and looking around at the amazing scenery, as well as socializing with fellow golfers.

So enjoy your golf for the rest of your longer life and the good thing is, the worse you play, the better the fitness benefit! 

_ Andrea Jackson 

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