News from Our Ladies’ Captain

Ultimately the survival of golf worldwide is all about it being more inclusive and not considered elitist.  It is therefore important to me that we all enjoy our golf and that the integrity of members’ handicaps is maintained so that competitions are fair with all players being able to compete on an even field.  

To support this culture and as a reminder to avoid any misinterpretations of how scores should be regularly reported, please take time and read the Oman Golf Committee (OGC) Handicap Policy found on-line at and explained in more detail in the USG Publication “The USGA Handicap System”- .

In the absence of a Handicap Committee, our Club is fortunate to have software that offers statistical information at the press of a button and regular handicap reviews will be carried out to ensure accountability.

If all OGC members post their ‘eligible’ scores in a timely manner, this will ensure the essential trust that prizes are won fairly, low and high handicaps are not manipulated, and those that suddenly play the game of their lives and score high points can be congratulated for finding their golfing mojo!

_Andrea Jackson

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